Disc Music Boxes for Music Box and Antique Collectors

There are numerous vintage and antique music boxes and music collectibles that the music box and antique gatherer can look for. These incorporate wooden adornments boxes, trimmed music boxes, wooden remembrance boxes, and plate music boxes. The best three circle music boxes are the symphonion, polyphon, and Regina music box.


Symphonion music encloses were made Germany starting in 1886. Paul Lochmann, author of Kuhro-Lochmann was the primary producer of circle music boxes. They symphonion was created in numerous sizes, types, and styles. A portion of the more well known things in the 1890’s were circle playing tickers, the three-plate Erocia the “Rocco” which was contained in an alluring wooden case, and the “Gambrinus” which was a coin-worked machine made looking like a barrel.

Since numerous authorities consider the tone of symphonion music boxes better than the polyphon music boxes, finding a music box, for example, this would be a genuine reward for the music box and old fashioned gatherer.


Set up by Gustave Brachhausen in 1897, the Polyphon Company made a line of solid tradable music boxes and melodic items, for example, coin worked timekeepers fitted with plate developments and the polyphon-concerto. The polyphon-concerto was as a plate ensemble, which played a piano, bass drum, catch drum, and glockenspiel. In later years, the organization likewise made an extremely uncommon “collapsing top” table box just as the coffin model, which included paper rolls. Finding the uncommon “collapsing top” table box would be a colossal find for the music box and antique gatherer just as an extraordinary resource for any assortment.


Numerous music box and antique gatherers see the Regina circle music box as having the best solid.

The organization was set up in 1892 when Polyphon originator Gustave Brachhausen, went to the U.S. to establish the Regina Music Box Company in New Jersey. Some fascinating music boxes and melodic things made by Regina before its end in 1922 incorporated a hand-worked vacuum cleaner, and the circle orchestrions that played piano, tublar chimes, drums, and triangle. Likewise, the organization came out with the Reginaphone, which had a turntable, and horn that could be expelled just as a phonograph arm that could be gone to one it. This empowered it to be utilized as an ordinary music box.

For the music box and antique gatherer keen on gathering collectible and vintage music boxes, the symphonion, polyphon, and Regina music boxes would make incredible increases to any assortment. Why not add them to your present assortment of trimmed music boxes, melodic gems boxes, wooden gems boxes, and wooden remembrance boxes today?